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Medical Clinic Services in the Philippines
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Biomedics Medical Clinic, Inc. is one of the Medical Healthcare Service Provider in the Philippines. It provides accurate and quality medical diagnostic and laboratory services for both local and overseas pre-employment medical examination needs at reasonable rates. Group of young passionate doctors through the acquisition of the now defunct Biomedix, Inc. bringing together compassion, clinical expertise and innovative technology to provide wellness and enhance productivity and quality of life. Biomedics Medical Clinic, Inc. is operated by a team of highly competent Medical and Non-medical professionals collaborating to ensure the delivery of efficient and quality healthcare services to meet if not exceed the demands of customers with global concerns. Call us: 02.623.7538 and 02.909.7275 Address: Biomedics Unit G, H 1 Body Senses level 3 west wing Robinsons Galleria Edsa Cor., Ortigas Avenue Brgy., Ugong Norte, Quezon City For more information, promo, discount and events follow us at

Contact phone number: 026237538

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