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11 Year old company selling ERP Software with Source Code
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ERP with source code Our company name is ILICO SERVICES LTD. a Govt. of India registered public limited company and we are basically into ERP Software Development, We have started to develop our ERP since 2006, still now also we are upgrading depending of the business need. Our ERP software name is: vERP6.2 We will provide ERP software source code copyright. We offer ERP solution which has the 16 unique modules which can be customize as per your requirement. Our ERP has been developed using ASP.NET 4.5 (C#), WCF, xHTML, jquery, ajax, telerik and database is in Ms SQL Server 2008 R2 and above. It is a web browser based can work in Online, cloud and offline using local server. Our ERP has 16 Modules : 1.SALES & DISTRIBUTION 2.PURCHASE - E TENDERING 3.FINANCE - ACCOUNTS (TAX) 4.CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT (CRM) 5.SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT (SCM) 6.PROJECT MANAGEMENT 7.MANUFACTURING - PRODUCTION - QC 8.POINT OF SALE (POS) 9.HR & PAYROLL 10.SERVICING, 11.MATERIAL MANAGEMENT - INVENTORY - WAREHOUSE 12.SUB CONTRACTING 13.MARKETING - EMAILER 14.DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT 15.USER ADMINISTRATION 16.DATA ADMINISTRATION (GLOBAL SETTINGS) We have more than 2600+ Clients based around India, USA, UK, CANADA, AUS and UAE who are using our ERP Service. We have some of the valuable clients like INDIAN ARMY-(INDIA), STEEL AUTHORITY INDIA LTD. -(INDIA), HEALTH MINISTRY GOVT. OF WEST BENGAL-(INDIA), ISRAEL POLICE -(ISREAL), DIGITAL FORENSIC - (USA), OZBIZZLE (AUS), SOLEAGENTS(UAE), 3QOR (DOHA), WHEREYOUEAT (USA), SN LAW COLLEGE and many more We have source code of some web portal like which is been used by some of our clients and it is live around 5-6 year. If You want it can be sold separately Matrimonial / Wedding Portal Property Portal (Buy / Sent / Rent) Real Estate Broker Management Dating Portal E – Commerce / Shopping Cart Starting Restaurant Portal Auction / Bidding Referral Site Website: www.verp.in and www.erpfromindia.com Find the video presentation about our company and about the vERP http://youtu.be/GA2zVF5Q6OM Find the Latest News about our company at Facebook (Kindly Like our facebook page) https://www.facebook.com/erpFromIndia Email us at: info@verp.in or info@erpfromindia.com Phone No: +919836332222 (India)

Contact phone number: +919836332222

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