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Business/Investment partner wanted immediately
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Hello,Sir I am contacting you for an urgent Business which will not involved you sending money to process the legal papers. I and my colleague executed an Oil Bunkering deal and being that we are not allowed to operate a Foreign Account as Government official, hence our interest to contact you to partner and support us by forwarding the listed below details: Your Business Name or Home contact Address, phone lines and your/ ID Card. Upon receipt, we will take a bold step to register your name as a contractor since the fund will be processed to your account in form of contract payment. With this plan, there will be a registered document to back up the fund. It will interest you to know that our plan is to invest the fund into your company . You are advised to reply immediately or I will contact another Person. Regards MR ABDALLAH YAHAYA. Reply to(

Contact phone number: 6665648765

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