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Carawaks About Us

CARAWAKS is a business geared to providing people from the Caribbean with on-demand access to the Caribbean marketplace. With the onset of the CSME, many small to medium sized businesses can utilize the resources set aside by CARAWAKS to market and sell their products to individuals throughout the Caribbean region. The World Wide Web has helped thousands of businesses grow beyond the borders of their home country to reach out to customers in far off, previously inaccessible, markets. We aim to widen the customer base of your company through the dissemination of information throughout the Caribbean region to increase revenue and drive sales by means of tapping into the global market economy through the means provided to us by our governments in the CSME agreement. The best part - Our web-service is FREE to all!

So here is how it works. If you have something for sale.. goods or services - they can be listed on our website (must be legal and within our terms of use) for anyone and everyone to see. We provide a platform where folks can advertise online. The concept is simple - The same way an individual or company would list something in the news paper classifieds - we provide a spot on the web specific to your market to advertise the item(s) you are selling / renting / trading. Our service is completely free to those who want to use it. There are uniquely placed spots on the site that receive more views and those spots can be paid for when placing an ad, they are promotional spots and featured spots. You can also pay for a promotion or post boost which will allow you to reach out to more of our facebook fans and friends of fans.

While this wonderful service is offered completely free - there are unscrupulous persons out there on the internet and we want you to be aware and to exercise caution at all times online. A few words of caution - Always see the item in person before purchasing it. Never pay for anything without actually verifying the seller is legitimate - meet them in person if possible. Meet them in a public place. Do your due diligence and use your basic senses - Never transfer money to a seller online or send money via Western Union (unless you can verify its -the seller`s- legitimacy). CARAWAKS International Inc. will do its best to filter out scammers; but we cannot guarantee the legitimacy of all ads. Please keep your witts about you and use "common sense" in making your purchases.

Some best practices and answers to commonly asked questions can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page. Please note that you should use the contact form on the right hand side of the ads to email the sellers directly. Best wishes and Happy Selling!

Owner & CEO - CARAWAKS International Inc.

Ziya Rahaman.

Our founder was featured on the George Grant program - Grenada Broadcast to explain what is and speak a little about the goals and objectives.
You can listen to the program by clicking here.